Selling a House in a Bad Neighborhood


By John Allman, editor of NorthSoundPropertyNews. Click here for biodata

One of the worst conditions of selling a house here in North Sound is if it sits in a bad neighborhood. Whether it is one that is infested with gangsters and lawless elements, or it suffers a bad reputation over lack of utilities or at least getting one is difficult, or the location is a little too far out even for the suburb-seeking homeowner, these bad scenarios will make selling a home extremely difficult.

What could make it even worse is if tons of other neighbors are selling their homes too. For one, it gives the impression of a diaspora – a massive exit by residents trying to flee away from something in that neighborhood. Two, the competition is really high so it makes the selling part extra difficult.

So, what are you to do when you are trying to sell your house in a bad neighborhood in the seedier side of North Sound? Here are some tips:


Security should always be the top priority, and I can’t agree more. If security is the main concern, you might want to install some extra security and safety gadgets in your house.

MSN Real Estate listed five mistakes to avoid when choosing a neighborhood– read it here for more.

A security alarm, some surveillance cameras, and maybe even a higher fence and a sturdier gate. This way, your prospective buyer will know that your house is more secure especially from the thugs living in your area. Additional exterior lighting will also be a good addition to your house if it is within your budget.


If your neighborhood has had a history of flooding, make sure your house does not show any signs of the past flood/s. If you’re in Malaysia you can use this site ( to read the reviews of the property to find out more about its history for your own benefit. Any markings on the walls that indicate that it has been flooded badly will only cause alarm on the end of the buyer. You might need to divulge the information about your home getting flooded in the past but at least your house should not show any wear, tear or damage from it lest they’d run away from your house as soon as they can.


If many other homes in the neighborhood are being sold, you may be obliged to tell her about the situation in the neighborhood – in some bits – but you’re not obliged to actually tell her the very reason for your moving out. It would also help if your home stands out from the rest of the neighbors’. Want to know what we at NorthSound Property News think? Step up a notch on curb appeal and home staging and give them a good reason to pick your house and not one of the other homes in the area. Healthy competition is always good.


If your house is too far out for utilities to come too easily, it would be very convenient and comforting for your prospective buyers to know if you’ve put out some implements to compensate for the problem. Does your house have backup water supply? Do you have solar energy installed? Do you have power generators or satellite connections for communication purposes? These things might help you keep a good price on your home and sell it more quickly.

The thing about selling a house in a bad neighborhood is that you might have to sell your house a little too cheaply than your ideal price. The neighborhood situation is hardly within your control and unfortunately your house would suffer from it. Try the tips above to keep the impact at a bare minimum but keep your expectations real too.