Editorial Board


John Allman, Editor

John is a seasoned journalist, previously attached to Mukilteo’s MK Review as its associate editor for five years. He was in charge of the investigative journalism department and led the publishing company MKLAND RESERVE’s public outreach programs for a year.

John holds a degree in psychology from the Nottingham Trent University in England, and an advanced diploma in behavioural analysis. In his free time, he likes restoring classic muscle cars.

Contact John at editor@northsoundpropertynews.com


Steven Bell, Associate Editor

Steven has been a real estate negotiator for much of his career before quitting in April 2009 to be a writer. Previously a freelance writer who has seen his work published in a wide range of publications including the MK Review, New York Times as well as the SC Investigative Reporter.

Steven holds a degree from the University of Syracuse with a major in economics.

Contact Steven at steven@northsoundpropertynews.com

Linda Kong, Administrator

Linda is a seasoned office manager, having previously attached to Myers & Cardine. Originally from Hong Kong, Linda holds a degree in business administration from the University of Hong Kong.