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Rupert The Dog’s Guide To Condo Buying


By John Allman, editor. Read John’s biography here

In Steven’s previous blog post, I received some feedback last week from a few readers asking some tips that will help them to find the right condominiums in Malaysia for the whole family which includes their pets. Luckily, our resident online expert, Mr. Joey Lim is here to give some very useful tips.

Perhaps the only thing more challenging than finding a family home is finding a home that is as accommodating to humans as it is to pets. Family pets, especially dogs and cats, need room to move around and to accommodate their other needs.

And it can only be ever more challenging if you’re looking to live in a condo with your pet! The urban living might be convenient for you but it might be a little challenging to make it convenient for your pets as well.

Frankly, it would not be as difficult if your pet was as undemanding as an aquarium fish or maybe even a small reptile. But if you have something like a bird, or a dog, a medium-sized reptile, or maybe even a rabbit, the compact vertical space of the condominium not to mention the regulations of such a living space, looking for the right condominium units in the city of Kuala Lumpur complex definitely would not be easy.

Tips that will help you find the right condo home for you and your pet!

If you are in that situation, here are some tips that will help you find the right condo home not just for you but also for your pet:

  • Always go for the ones that allow pets. Because pets can be rowdy and dirty, many condo complexes ban pets within the residence. Fortunately for you, there still are some condo units around that allow pets inside the complexes. It would even be better if they have their own pet facilities like kennels or pet day care. Find these condos and check for their pet policies and see which ones suit you and your pet’s needs.
  • Find a condo unit that has spare space for your pet. Most units are designed without any extra space where you can put your dog or cat beds and aquariums for your fish and reptiles. It would be inconvenient for you and your dog both if you live in a condo unit that could hardly accommodate your own things and your pet’s space needs.
  • If you have a dog, find a condo complex that has a park or a dog park in the neighborhood. Your dog would definitely need all that open space of the park for exercise and the limited not to mention restricted grounds of the condominium complex will definitely not be enough.
  • A gated and secure condo complex that is not directly in front of a major and busy highway would also be the best choice for you and your pet. This type of location is very ideal to keep your pets safe. See, in case your pets accidentally get away from your condo unit, some perimeter fencing with security personnel presence could stop your dog from getting away before it gets to the main roads.

Condominium units in Malaysia, especially the high rise ones (Orchard Residences and Le Nouvel come to mind), located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur like the ones from  may be the best and most idea living space for you but it may not exactly be the best ones for your pets. If you can’t find the perfect, pet-friendly place, you might actually be better off with a town home a little outside of the city where you and your pet can have all the space you need for convenient, comfortable living.